New Job Opportunity

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A post-doctoral position envisioned for 24 months is now open at CEA Grenoble.

As a Research Engineer in Image Processing for Materials Characterisation, you will be working on the application of Machine Learning approaches for SEM and TEM image analysis focusing on specific tasks dedicated to our energy and mobility use cases.

The successful candidate will collaborate with experts in the fields of SOC and PEMFC at CEA/DRT/LITEN, located in Grenoble, and with specialists in Machine Learning methods at CEA/DES/ISAS, located in Saclay. The position is planned to be located in Grenoble, in close contact with the experts of the use cases.

The candidate will have the opportunity to present his results to the MatCHMaker partners and to communicate through publications and conferences. The methods that will be developed could be transposed to other use cases of interest.

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